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How To Bump Your Brand

Your Brand deserves the best, especially when it comes to bumping it online. We’ve outlined our top 3 ways to bump your Brand to get the action you’re looking for!

1. Photography: while most Brands start out with in-house photography, it is essential to keep this consistent and up to date. Your customers want to see what’s going on with your Brand now! Dedicate yourself every month to new photography in order to showcase the most real version of your Brand online.

2. Website Refresh: keep up to date with your current style by doing small refreshes to your website! An addition of a blog or testimonial page is guaranteed to give your viewers a more personalized view of your Brand which they will truly appreciate.

3. Influencer Marketing: give your Brand the power of multiple faces! A massive trend in the social world is Influencer Marketing which has even started to warrant its own advertising laws. Take advantage of those who are passionate about your Brand by partnering with them and working on a win-win plan.

We’re looking forward to seeing your Brand bumped up!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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