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Capturing Your Content Around T.O.

We’re approaching another wonderful weekend in the city! What comes with this warm weather? Some HOT content! Join us around the city while we visit some famous content creation spot and see your feed flourish.

1. Trinity Bellwood’s - a favourite spot of the west side locals, this park hosts those looking for a good summer read, soccer stars and those looking to catch some rays. Along with the wide variety of visitors, the parks beauty is showcased throughout content pieces all over social media. Stop on by!

2. Allan Gardens - need your dose of tropical palms and endless floral views? Head on over to Allan Gardens in Toronto’s East end for the breathtaking botanicals and spruced up content spots to connect with all your #floralgram followers.

3. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen - craving a good summer patio and a glitzy brunch beverage? Well, obviously we know you are, but is your feed joining you in that? Mildred’s is a hot spot of Liberty Village that sports some of the best polished food photography content by its guests. We can’t wait to see your next #brunchin set!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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